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Kim Valentine-Langley owner, National Fiber and Copper

National Fiber and Copper is a woman owned, communications installation and service company that provides IT solutions to commercial businesses and governmental agencies.

Title:  Founder / President since 1999

Organization: National Fiber and Copper, Inc.

Family Details: Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania; Husband Andy Langley, Son Philip Tuzynski,

Stepdaughter Jessica Langley and the very proud owner of “Abbey,” 10-year old golden retriever

Education: Graduated Technical Memorial High School in Erie, Pennsylvania

Affiliations: An active member of the following:

  • WIPP (Women in Public Policy)
  • WIT (Women in Technology)
  • BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International)
  • USWCC (United States Women’s Chamber of Commerce)
  • Girl Scouts of Central Maryland (Position currently Nominating Committee) 2 Year term
  • Brava Smart CEO (Position currently Nominating Committee) 2nd Year
  • WPO (Women Presidents’ Organization) Member past 5 years

Top Vacation Destination:  Caribbean. Favorite Island is Aruba.

Hobbies:  Cooking, gardening and entertaining family and friends at my home are my favorite things to do in my spare time.

When did you know that this was a career you were interested in? What drew you to this?

I was introduced to the technology field at a previous job. That role enabled me to be involved with clients who were in the construction field, which interested me. I became involved in providing cable solutions to clients and was encouraged to create a new business in information technology through an acquaintance.

What obstacles and challenges did you have to overcome?

Getting the right people in the right positions was key to success. Like many small-business startups, I had to manage the fear and uncertainty of starting a new business. There were many challenges that I faced, such as financial stability, attracting new customers, creating a web presence and hiring the right people. I realized I could not do everything myself and was going to need people with the right expertise to help me along this journey. That is still true to this day.

Were there detours that you had to make along the way?

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