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ATHENAPowerLink®’s first Baltimore graduate says year-long program helped her reach next level of success.

Browse the boutique aMuse Toys in Fells Point or its sister store in Quarry Lake and chances are it looks much as it did a year ago. Wooden shelves are still stocked neatly with well-designed, developmentally appropriate toys that stimulate a child’s imagination, staff still help customers and programs still run in #thelab. But ask owner Claudia Towles and she will tell you that behind the scenes, her business has changed significantly, thanks to the ATHENAPowerLink women’s business mentoring program.

“I don’t think the business itself has changed so much as the process behind it, the ownership and the vision,” she said. “Before there was a lot of gut – this feels right, don’t necessarily have the data, don’t necessarily understand why it feels right. We had muddy waters before in terms of the back end of the business.” . . . .

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ATHENAPowerLink® is a program of ATHENA International, an organization dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for women.

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