Laura Gamble joined PNC Bank as regional president for the Greater Maryland region in 2012, but she was well known in the banking industry in Baltimore from her years as Maryland regional president for Bank of America Corp.

She left Bank of America and co-founded a Baltimore business consulting firm, Skipjack Partners, before returning to her roots in banking as the local leader of PNC Bank.

Her experience as a business owner and more than 30 years in banking has helped in her current role, especially when it comes to working with small business owners.

“PNC has a real focus on working with women business owners,” Gamble said.

PNC provides bankers with proprietary training to help support the success of women business owners. More than 1,500 employees companywide have been PNC-certified as Women Business Advocates who understand the opportunities and challenges female financial decision-makers and women business owners face.

Recognizing that Baltimore lacked a business mentoring program for women business owners, Gamble spearheaded efforts to launch the ATHENAPowerLink program locally. The program guides women business owners in defining and achieving tangible goals by providing them with access to a panel of business advisers over the course of year.

“The business applies, is selected, and we assemble a team of experts in entrepreneurship, human resources, finance, sales, accounting, law and other industries to advise on how to access capital, implement best practices and reach operational and strategic goals,” Gamble said.

What really caught her eye . . .

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ATHENAPowerLink® is a program of ATHENA International, an organization dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for women.

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