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About Us

The Greater Baltimore region has been consistently ranked as a top location for women to achieve business success, based on factors such as:

  • The buying power of women
  • The percentage of women-owned businesses, and
  • The percentage of women business executives

Baltimore has also been ranked as the third best city for women in tech.

This region understands that in order to thrive economically, we must provide resources and platforms for success.

That's where we come in.

ATHENAPowerLink® is a yearlong mentorship program designed to assist women entrepreneurs with their business. We strive to give them invaluable tools for success: guidance, support, and advice from business experts who can offer direction and perspective.

Being a business owner takes time and money. We want to be a primary tool in your kit—to help lighten the load by offering our expertise for an entire year. At no cost to you, we dedicate our time and efforts to ensure a plan of action for your long-term business success.

According to a study by ATHENA International, client businesses showed an average increase of 88% in sales, 37% in business net income, 56% in personal net income, 75% in the number of part-time employees, and 36% in the number of full-time employees upon completion of the program.

Like those statistics? Then join a team of dedicated individuals who will offer their time, efforts, and knowledge to you and your business.